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Reasons your next construction project should include BIM modeling services
August 9, 2022 at 11:00 AM
Construction workers using BIM modeling services

Building information modeling is one of the latest and most groundbreaking innovations in the construction industry. Unlike traditional, two-dimensional hand drawings, BIM modeling services make it possible for multiple stakeholders to contribute to the design process and view updates in real time.

Construction companies that fail to embrace advancements in technology like building information modeling may suffer financial, interpersonal, and many other types of consequences. Therefore, if you operate a construction business, we highly recommend taking full advantage of the exciting applications at your disposal.

At Spartan Scanning Solutions, we provide industry-leading tools that facilitate optimal design and building processes. Below we have listed a few reasons why your next construction project should include our BIM modeling services.

Budget accuracy

The more complex a construction project is, the more difficult it is to stay within the target budget. BIM modeling services can help with this by offering an intricate representation of each phase of the building process, along with the cost of labor, materials, and manufactured parts. Consolidating all data and visual representations of your building plans into a single application enables contractors to provide more accurate quotes for their services than what is possible with a traditional drawing. These platforms also help keep stakeholders informed on any additional costs that could potentially arise based on the progression of the project.


One of the most valuable elements of BIM technology is its ability to facilitate ongoing collaboration between stakeholders and contractors. Between manufacturers, investors, architects, and electricians, there are a variety of contributors with diverse interests and perspectives - each of whom play an important role in the building process. BIM modeling services empower all contributors by enabling them to view changes in building plans and easily add comments that will be visible by all. This is especially useful between contractors that are hired from various companies, enabling them to avoid disputes and work together towards a shared vision.

Time management

Managing the schedules of multiple contractors who are hired to work on a single property can be incredibly challenging for project managers. Having access to detailed, multi-dimensional building plans can expedite the construction process by giving contractors the tools they need to predict exactly how long each task will take. BIM platforms also act as a mode of communication between contractors. Improved communication enables workers to keep one another up to date on any changes in their timelines, and avoid crowding the job site with too many service providers at one time. This is especially useful for tasks that must be completed in a specific order such as plumbing or electrical work.

Further opportunities

BIM modeling services are becoming deeply ingrained in the construction industry. This advanced technology, however, does require users to learn new skills so that they can take full advantage of the features that this software has to offer. It will likely not be long before real estate developers and architectural firms start requiring contractors to use BIM modeling services. Therefore, contractors who do not become well-versed in this technology early on, may not be eligible to partake in future professional opportunities. Developing these skills does not only benefit one’s workflow by virtue of the plethora of integrated features, but it can also pave the way for exciting, lucrative new projects.

Do you own a contracting business that specializes in large-scale construction projects? Our services at Spartan Scanning Solutions aim to optimize every step of the design and building process. From as-built models to customized deliverables, our expert team has harnessed a variety of technologies to support your workflow. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.