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Popular reasons to use laser surveying
December 15, 2022 at 11:00 AM
Laser survey technology

In the past several years, laser survey technology has been considered the gold standard for 3D modeling. Laser scanning has advanced design, construction, engineering, and other fields by offering a rapid, highly detailed way of rendering existing structures. Despite these exciting benefits, many organizations have yet to explore the capabilities of laser surveying.

At Spartan Scanning Solutions, we are dedicated to the optimization of engineering projects and offer a range of cutting edge technological resources. We believe that laser surveying is the way of the future, which is why we have put together a list of reasons why organizations across North America are taking advantage of these digital tools. Continue reading to learn how laser survey technology could benefit your next project.

Long-term cost savings

When laser surveying was first introduced as a method of 3D rendering, many businesses viewed it as an unnecessary expense that would be better used towards contracting services and other project elements. Today, laser scanning equipment has become far more affordable, making it an integral part of many design and construction operations. In addition to a significant cost reduction, laser surveying can be seen as an investment, saving companies up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses. Laser survey technology enables the user to budget more effectively by viewing every detail of their project in advance.

Team collaboration

Large-scale engineering projects require many different contributors in order to achieve a high-quality result. Between manufacturers, project managers, designers, and fabricators, it is difficult to collaborate effectively without a single, digital platform that is accessible by all parties. Laser survey technology allows for excellent collaboration by using a cloud-based system where different contributors can apply information, flag issues, and make suggestions throughout the process.


Another reason why many professionals are turning to laser scanning is because of the incredible speed at which 3-D models can be rendered. This technology is unmatched in its ability to create highly detailed, multi-layer surveys. Not only can building models be produced quickly, but projects that utilize this technology also tend to move through planning, design, and construction phases at a much faster rate than that of traditional methods. Professional teams can quickly make alterations to their plans based on their information, sending updated models to all project contributors within seconds.

Use of multiple platforms

As previously mentioned, a sophisticated building project typically involves multiple parties coming from a variety of different professional backgrounds. Consequently, it is not uncommon for team members to use various different software during each stage of a project. With modern laser surveying, it is possible to integrate various software into a single cloud-based system. Therefore, contributors do not have to sacrifice any of the work they have done on outside platforms. Rather, these 3-D models incorporate detailed information with the touch of a button. This way, team members are able to add to the project survey using a method that they are most comfortable with.

Identification of problems

One of the most frustrating, expensive, and time consuming elements of working on an engineering project is the fact that certain design or material choices may not work in practice. Ideally, a design plan would work flawlessly from conception to completion. However, this is rarely the case in construction. By offering building information modeling software, highly detailed visual renderings, and opportunities for all team members to flag problems in advance, it is far less likely to run into unwanted surprises during the building process. This is a major advantage, allowing organizations to optimize their operations and create an accurate schedule.

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